SB Series Breakers

Soosan breakers are designed and built in our own factory. Parts are made according to our own specifications with our own machining centers and heat treatment facilities, which assures that the parts are up to our high standards and quality.

Soosan breakers have a very simple structure and operating principle.
A piston and a valve to control the piston's motion. That's all there is to it.

We use the hydraulic power from the carrier to press the piston against a gas pressure.

As a next step, it is the gas pressure, combined with oil pressure which generate the impact power. This ensures to get the highest possible efficiency when it comes to ingoing energy and generated impact energy.

From the model SB60 and up, the breakers are standard equipped with a connection for an automatic lubrication system.

Because of the simplicity of the breaker, trouble shooting and repair are easy to ensure a short down time of the breaker. Personnel does not need a steep learning curve to become a specialist.

With our centralized spare parts stock in the Netherlands, we can quickly supply our customers with products and spare parts so we can support our products with same day or next day shipping of parts and products.