Info SQ Series Compact Breakers

After a successful introduction of the larger SQ series breakers (SQ60 and up) the range is completed.

To satisfy today’s demanding customers, we have built an even more durable and user friendly breaker. The breakers have a standard auto-lubrication port and several models have a wider oil flow and carrier range.

Flexibility is the key because no job site is the same and even on the site itself, working conditions change. The compact SQ breakers are designed to coop with changing site conditions.

From model SQ35 and up, a Stroke-Selector is implemented. This gives the user the possibility to change the impact energy/frequency of the breaker. By changing the setting of the Stroke-Selector, the breaker’s frequency can be increased by a 40 to 60% which increases the efficiency in concrete for example. The Stroke-Selector can easily be accessed on the breaker’s percussion body so changing the working mode is a matter of minutes.