Info ST Series Crawler Drill 

A drill rig for the specialists.

Different rock types need different specifications. The Soosan crawler drill offers it all.

The operator can adjust the drilling parameters according to the needs such as rotation speed and drifter pressure.

The angle of the crawlers of the machine can be tilted for optimum stability of the machine.

The drill rig is equipped with a silent but powerful engine.

Naturally a compressor for dust flushing is provided as well as a dust collection system.

The drifter is equipped with a powerful rotation device which offers a high speed rotation when required.

For the operator, an ergonomic but very  comfortable air conditioned cabin is provided. A stereo radio is included.

Joystick controls will make it easy for anyone to operate the drill rig.


· Rod changing fully from cabin.

· ROPS and FOPS cabin

· Dust collection system.

· Horizontal drilling.

· Joystick control.

· Air conditioned cabin.

· Tilt able crawlers.

· Centralized electronic control box for easy maintenance.